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Anonymous asked:
Do you know where that jumpsuit that bey wore to harrys bar in London from?
im-asking-you-to-stay asked:
Just want to let you know that you have the most amazing blog! I actually check it daily, I love it :)

Y’all have no idea how much it means to us,thank you so much x

Anonymous asked:
hahaaa thank you ! I have so nervous, bc I love your account and I wanted to know if you liked my cover!! I feel so happy that you like it ! :p

Of course I liked it,it was creative and I felt your emotion,just don’t stop what you doing.

ispybysheiladermeer asked:
Hi girls, love the blog. Any idea on where to get the playsuit she's wearing in London leaving Harry's bar?

Thanks,here x

The most accurate thing you will read today.
Anonymous asked:
That dress worth bey wearing the braids i love it... Do you know where its from?

Flynn skye but that dress isn’t available anymore

Anonymous asked:
I love the whole album but my least favorite is "Mine" is the only song I skip. I love rocket, the vocals omg surreal ^^) Take care ❌💋❌💋

OH MY GOD. WHAT? “Mine” is my favorite song, I can’t believe you don’t like “Mine”

Anonymous asked:
I honestly don't know what my least fave would be, the album is fantastic. maybe Blow, it's the one I listened to least *hides from Beyhive*


(im jk lol)